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Pre-school Practice (Levels 1 - 3)

Course Details:

Pre-school Practice (Level 1)

Home Study Course of 3 Modules
Course Fee €500

Enrol for this course online now with your Credit or Laser Card»
By contacting us on 01-2061832»

This introductory course is designed for anyone beginning work at a supervised level as an assistant within a pre-school or playgroup.

Module 1. Covers Growth and development, Principles for good practice.

Module 2. Covers Planning for play.

Module 3. Covers Principles for good practice.

Intermediate Pre-school Practice (Level 2)

Home study course of 5 Modules.
Course Fee €500

Enrol for this course online now with your Credit or Laser Card»
By contacting us on 01-2061832»

Part 2 concentrates on providing students with the qualifications to supervise pre-school children under supervisions.

Module 1. Deals with the topic Emotional Development and specifically covers the various stages involved therein as well as early learning goals and meeting children's needs.

Module 2. Examines Social development.

Module 3. Looks at Intellectual development.

Module 4. Concentrates on Language development.

Module 5. Deals with Physical development.

Advanced Pre-School Practice (Level 3)

Home Study Course of 6 Modules
Course Fee €500

Enrol for this course online now with your Credit or Laser Card»
By contacting us on 01-2061832»


Module 1. Community based pre-school settings.

Module 2. Early learning.

Module 3. Best Practice.

Module 4. Early Years.

Module 5. Community Development.


Personality/Intelligence Test

All our students have the option to take this revealing test for an additional cost of €25.00.

The test asks questions to determine:

  • Are you a 'Take-Charge' type?
  • Are you a manipulative person?
  • Are you a real friend when the going gets rough?
  • How popular are you?
  • Could you be your own boss?
  • What's your leadership potential?

The objective is not only to help you achieve greater personal and professional success - but to show you how to get what you really want out of life.

Management/Leadership Skills Test

All students of this course have the option to take a Management/Leadership Test for an additional cost of €50.00. This test is conducted on our behalf by Verax international. This test has to be taken on line and the results will be sent directly to each student by email usually within 3/4 working days.

We urge you to complete this test as it will provide you with invaluable help and guidance in enabling you to get the most out for your learning. The assessment sent to you when you complete the test will not count in any way to your eventual qualification. It is intended to enable you to understand your strengths and weaknesses and so concentrate on those parts of the course that are most valuable to you.

You may think that you are already aware of these. However, systematic research shows that just over half the population are unaware of their real strengths, let alone their real weaknesses.

This test provides you with a systematic way of assuring these for yourself. Answer honestly. There are no right or wrong answers. Only you will see the results.

The test will allow you to assess your own performance against 16 key management/leader competencies – such as customer focus, decision making, creativity and team working – which are valued by employers and which are very important for effective performance as a manager or team leader. There is one test for managers in the public sector and a separate test for all other managers. Depending on which version chosen, your performance is benchmarked either against 15,000 or so managers in the database or against public sector managers only.

In summary, this unique test will show you what to stop doing (or do less of) and what to start doing (or do more of) in order to become more effective in your current role/activity. In effect, you are told what you need to do to become a more effective manager and team leader and most important of all, how to do it.

Good luck with your studies.


When you have completed this course you may take a final examination. Full details of this examination are automatically sent to you as you near the end of the course. The examination costs €65 and is taken at home at your convenience.  If you receive 70% or more in this examination you will receive an ITEC Diploma.

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