With this training resource companies and organisation have access to our huge range of courses/programmes on an annual licence fee basis that will dramatically reduce training and employee development costs.

When you have examined this offer you will quickly realise that this training resource and educational package is the most cost effective resource available in the market today for fostering employee skills enabling them to apply these on the job immediately.

Once your organisation has registered, your staff (at your discretion) will have instant internet access to over 1000 plus courses/programmes on extremely competitive terms.

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What does it cost?

An annual licence fee of €1500.

Options Available:

Management/Leadership test €50.

Personalised one-to-one tutoring for course/programmes – cost €85 per person per course.

Final comprehension test with graded results – cost €65 per person per course.

Quality training resources at really competitive prices:

An unbeatable combination.

In recent years we have observed an increasing demand for our distance learning courses to be
delivered via the internet so over the past 24 months we engaged a specialist firm to professionally scan our entire range of courses/programmes from their original hard copy format.

Then with the collaboration of IT personnel this has been fully rolled out and we can now make
available to all registered corporate users our full bank of 1000 plus training programmes/courses.

This remarkable offer means that your employees can have instant access to quality training programmes via the internet.

More and more leaders are convinced that executive education and training prepares staff for new and higher levels of management and leadership and with this outstanding training package your employees can enter a period of personal and professional transformation that prepares then for career development, working and life challenges.

This is a win-win situation for your employees and the organisation.