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  • Course Fee: €259.00 which includes all registration fees.
  • Course Format: Distance Learning Course of 12 lessons.
  • Duration: Students have up to 10 months to complete this course which is ample time and can start it at anytime of the year that is convenient. If students need to extend this period for any reason during or near the end of the course they can request an extension through the college.
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Course Description

Crime may not pay, but studying it does! You may understandably ask why people get paid to study crime and criminal behaviour and why, beyond reasons of remuneration, do people engage in this area of study.

There are a variety of answers to the above questions, built around the following kinds of concerns: both anxiety and fear are common responses to crime; the desire to predict and control crime; the hope of preventing crime through social reactions to it, and the simple desire to learn more about crime and what it can tell us about the society we live in.

This Forensics & Criminology distance learning course also introduces the student to the fascinating subject of forensics.

You will learn how the scene of a crime is assessed and to determine how and when a victim died plus a lot more.


Course Syllabus

Section 1: Criminology – 


Lesson 1: An Introduction to Crime

Lesson 2: The Disadvantages of Unemployment

Lesson 3: Juvenile Crime

Lesson 4: Early Forms of Punishment

Lesson 5: Penology

Lesson 6: Modern Day Prisons

Lesson 7: The Sentencing Process

Lesson 8: Young Offenders Institutions.


Section 2: Forensics – 

Lesson 9: Forensic Science

Lesson 10: Fingerprints

Lesson 11: Forensic Autopsies

Lesson 12: Blood and Other Bodily Fluids: Serology.



Upon completion of this course you may take a final online examination. Full details of this examination are automatically sent to you at the end of the course. The examination costs €65 and is taken at home at your convenience.  If you receive 70% or more in this examination you will receive an ITEC – Irish Training and Educational Centre Diploma.


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