ITEC Student Charter

1. Overall Commitment to Quality

We promise to give accurate details of our services, who the services are for, and how we commit to quality and good practice for those services. The level and detail of the information we provide will be sufficient so that learners can clearly match their needs against the service that we offer. Information will be clearly stated, readily understood and easily accessible. We promise to maintain customer satisfaction by:

  • Having feedback mechanisms that elicit the views of our learners.
  • Having a formal customer complaints procedure.
  • Regularly reviewing the effectiveness of our services and implementing improvements based on this review.

2. Pre-enrolment practices

At all times information given to potential students, either written or orally, will be truthful and accurate. The content of the prospectus will provide where appropriate:

  • The course name
  • The course content (syllabus)
  • The course level
  • The length of the course
  • The course objectives
  • The studyload required by the student – i.e. the study time (e.g. weeks or months)
  • Qualifications that can be obtained
  • Internal and external examinations prepared for
  • The target group the course is aimed at
  • The starting level required (i.e. what, if any previous qualifications are needed)
  • Information as to whether the course material supplied is all-inclusive or if additional materials have to be purchased

3. Tutor Standards

  • Regular monitoring will be made of tutors’ work, and of guidance and marking standards.
  • Tutor comments will be forwarded to students following all assignments. Tutors will demonstrate a real conscientious desire to help students.
  • Responses to assignments will be sent to Students within 5 working days of receipt of assignments.
  • All assignments will be appropriate to the subject matter and be of real assistance in helping students achieve their objectives.
  • Students may make contact with Tutors by post or email

4. Code of Standards

  • We adhere to best practice Code of Standards for distance learning.

5. Administration Practices

  • Within normal office hours, someone will be available in the College to handle email or phone enquiries. If someone if not available, students will be called back within 1 working day.
  • Communications about administrative and tutorial matters will be answered within 5 working days of receipt.
  • Letters where a longer time-scale is required for a complete answer will be acknowledged, the delay explained, and an indication given of when a full answer can be expected.

6. Enrolment and contract practices

  • Students will be enrolled quickly and efficiently and sent study material quickly. Study material will be despatched within 5 working days of receipt of an enrolment or delivered at the commencement of studies.
  • All information given by students is confidential to the institution, it’s employees and tutors.
  • Accurate records of students enrolled, for which course and when, will be kept.
  • Wrong or damaged study material will be replaced immediately.
  • All refunds due will be paid within 28 days.

7. Learner Protection

  • We provide a 7 day money back offer to all students.

8. Complaints

  • Complaints will be dealt with within 5 working days. Where a longer time is required to investigate and deal with a complaint, acknowledgement will be given within 5 working days and the delay explained, together with an indication of when the complaint can be expected to be resolved.
  • We will take a sympathetic and reasonable attitude to complaints and make every effort to see that fairness is accorded to all parties.

9. Equality

  • Programmes are designed to appeal to target groups who are normally unable to access further education, due to geographic constraints, time constraints, people who are housebound, deaf or physically restricted individuals.
  • Tutor support is available either by email or post.
  • Electronic files are provided (where possible) to facilitate computer “screen readers” to support blind and visually impaired students. Samples will be sent in advance to ensure compatibility.
  • ITEC will provide reasonable accommodation to meet the needs of a learner who has a disability. In the context of assessment, reasonable accommodation is the term for the adaptation of assessment as necessary to cater for the needs of learners whose personal situation means that the assessment would otherwise be unfair e.g. learners with a disability, and/or other learners covered by equality legislation. Send us your Query: »Click here for Enquiry Form
  • Complaints regarding any aspect of inequality should be made in writing to the Student Services Director.


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