Civility in the Workplace - CIW16



  • Course Fee: €199 which includes all registration fees.
  • Course Format: Distance Learning Course of 12 modules.
  • Duration: Students can complete this course within 6 months which is ample time and can start it at anytime of the year that is convenient. If students need to extend this period for any reason during or near the end of the course they can request an extension through the college.
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Course Description

While a training programme on workplace on workplace manners and courtesy may seem like overkill, the reality is: rudeness is an epidemic costing businesses millions a year.  Indeed, what society seems to be gaining on terms of both knowledge and technological advancement, it’s losing out on basic social values that directly impact the bottom line.

Management at all levels freely intrude on subordinates’ personal space. Gossiping co-workers are norm, and quality customer care has been forgotten.  The result: an environment not conducive to getting work done, dissatisfied clients aiming for the competition, and in some cases, blatant tolerance for abuse and harassment.

To address the growing problem of incivility in the work setting, this Civility in the Workplace short training course introduces the concept of civility, its importance to a company, as well as its typical causes and effects.  Skills needed to effectively practice civil behaviour, as well as different ways organisations can systematise civility in the workplace are covered.

Course Syllabus

It teaches you over 12 modules how to:

  • Define civility, understand its causes, and enumerate at least three of its behavioural indicators
  • Understand the costs of incivility, as well as the rewards of civility, within the workplace
  • Learn practical ways of practicing workplace etiquette, including the proper use of greetings, respect, involvement, and political correctness
  • Learn the basic styles of conflict resolution and identify the style most appropriate for managing particular conflicts in the workplace
  • Learn skills in diagnosing the causes of uncivil behaviour
  • Understand the role of forgiveness and conflict resolution in the creation of a civil working environment
  • Understand the different elements of effective communication, particularly effective para-verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Learn facilitative communication skills such as listening and appropriate inquiry
  • Learn specific interventions that can be utilised where there is conflict within the workplace
  • Learn a recommended procedure for systematising civil behaviour within the workplace.



Upon completion of this course you may take a final examination. Full details of this examination are automatically sent to you at the end of the course. The examination costs €65 and is taken at home at your convenience.  If you receive 70% or more in this examination you will receive an ITEC – Irish Training and Educational Centre Diploma.


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